About Biish Management & Consulting

Biish Management & Consulting's founder Dr. Pamela Williamson is a First Nation professional with extensive and successful senior administrative experience . She continuously demonstrates the skills and competency to review, assess, and recommend pragmatic changes toward improved community based health programs and services and/or or an overall organizational review. Her experience and success in facilitating culturally relevant mediation between staff or external partners is an integral part of Biish Management & Consulting's services.

Pamela provides management level services on interim and short-term basis until full-time candidates are hired, as well as mentorship to ensure the success of new managers within their new positions. She pursues  opportunities to participate in developing and or growing programs and initiatives for non-for-profit indigenous organizations.

Biish Management & Consulting invests in the power of partnerships and collaborations with area stakeholders, and in supporting self-determination and growing the capacity of others.

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